ASAA introduces new sportsmanship initiative

Feb 3, 2023

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The Alberta Schools Athletic Association (ASAA) hopes to Set the Bar for good sportsmanship in schools.

This week the ASAA announced a new initiative aimed at promoting good sportsmanship at schools across Alberta.

The approach to encourage student-athletes to show good sportsmanship the ASAA said is multi-faceted to bring it to the top of the priority list.

“Our committee, made up of representatives from each zone across the province, has worked hard to create an initiative to bring positive sporting behavior to the forefront of high school athletics,” said ASAA Sportsmanship Commissioner Heather Bartling in a media release.

“We are hoping to recognize those individuals who Set The Bar for others and promote the values and ideals of educational athletics. As we hear more and more about negative interactions in sport, the ASAA is looking to turn the narrative by highlighting those who are leading the way in creating positive sporting environments for both themselves and others.”

The main message the initiative wants to get across is that good sportsmanship should occur at all levels in school sport and those involved if concerned should feel that school athletics is a safe space at all times.

The Set the Bar initiative will have multiple aspects to it including at the school level and at ASAA provincials.

At the school level pre-competition script cards will be provided to every school to use at all games. As well nominations can be submitted to the ASAA at any time and an adjudicating committee will choose recipients who will receive T-shirts for projecting good sportsmanship.

At ASAA Provincials the same pre-competition script cards will be provided for event organizers and officials. There will also be pins and keychains as well as Set The Bar Team sportsmanship and spectator code of conduct banners provided to each host to display.

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